Sunday Diary

So I am introducing a new segment to the blog which shows you some of my favourite ways to spend a Sunday! 

I think that in our hectic lives, it is hard to know how to unwind. I used to find it really hard to ‘switch off’ from work and get my much needed down time. So now I make a conscious effort to do stuff on Sundays that make me feel awesome! Sundays can sometimes feel a bit anti-climatic and depressing – but I have found recently that if I do stuff that re-energises me, then I start my week feeling really positive! This can range from anything like an outdoor adventure, an exercise class, pottering around the kitchen or just winding down with my favourite movie!

Today was one of those days where I felt the need to chill out. So I cooked up some comforting meals in the kitchen, enjoyed a nice brunch with my guy and got lost in a new book!


What’s Cooking?

Vegetable Stew & dumplings

Apple & Blackberry crumble

These recipes are both inspired by my Mum. She is inspirational and my best friend. She taught me how to cook when I was really little, and I haven’t really stopped since! I normally cook a lot of asian food – inspired by my Dad’s Malaysian culture. But these two recipes are really influenced by my English background. Fluffy dumplings on a bed of rich, flavoursome stew! And apple and blackberry crumble? Do Sunday meals get better then this? I don’t think so!


What am I reading?

Detective Novels. Man, I am pretty obsessed with a good murder mystery right now! I think it has stemmed from me reading the Robert Galbraith detective books. I am a huge fan of J. K. Rowling’s work. I grew up with Harry Potter, and I am finding her detective novels (published under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith) just as addictive!!! This lady knows how to spin a good tale!

If you love murder mysteries – I really recommend them! Since finishing her recent novel (Career of Evil) I am now obsessed with reading detective novels. I am currently reading The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah. I picked it up for £1 in a charity shop, and it is really gripping!

Quality time with my favourite man!


My fiancé Kyle and I work different shifts. I work Monday to Friday, whereas his shifts can fall in the day, afternoon, evening or during the weekends. So to ensure we stay sane, we always make sure that we spend quality time together. Today we slept in late and had a delicious brunch together, before he headed off to work. Short but sweet!

So that was my lazy Sunday, I feel very relaxed going into this new working week!

How have you spent your day?

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