Welcome to the Brighton Kitchen!  11053430_411188682386978_4570779289596195475_nI’m Tina, a twenty-something food lover, amateur photographer, history buff and house bunny enthusiast!

This is Lulu. She is my beautiful house bunny. She enjoys eating vegetables, jumping into boxes and strokes on her head. She was one of the driving factors of me becoming a vegetarian. She definitely deserves a mention. I mean come on, look at her. She is adorable.

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So I love creating delicious recipes made from wholesome, natural food. I am a vegetarian, so all my recipes will be suitable for vegetarians! I am not out to convert everyone to become vegetarian – Instead I want to show people how delicious vegetable based dishes are!

I am lucky enough to work for an incredible online food company. It means I get to see and sample amazing new products on a daily basis and work with incredible companies! I love my job. But this blog is my personal blog. I am not paid to advertise any of the ingredients that I use, and all thoughts, musings, ramblings and recipes are my own.

My aim is to create wholesome, delicious food that is packed with flavour. Life is here to be lived. Food is here to nourish and enrich us, so lets enjoy it! Join me on my culinary adventures!

Follow the Brighton Kitchen for my latest news and recipes!

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