Frozen Yoghurt Bars with Bee Pollen and Berries

This beautiful sunny weather has been dreamy! I am going to absolutely make the most of it, because lets face it – this is England. Who knows how long this is going to last! The thing is, in beautiful sunny weather I get massive cravings for iced desserts. Obviously gorging on ice cream is not going to make me feel good! So I wanted to make a delicious iced dessert recipe that wasn’t going to be laden with artificial rubbish! Continue reading “Frozen Yoghurt Bars with Bee Pollen and Berries”

Berryburst Smoothie Recipe

Another smoothie recipe! This little beauty is a great on-the-go breakfast! It is both filling and delicious. I use frozen berries in my smoothies as I think smoothies taste great chilled and it means I can keep a wide variety of berries on hand when I need them! Continue reading “Berryburst Smoothie Recipe”